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Reptiles/bearded dragon (liquid calcium)


QUESTION: sorry i made a mistake in the last message i sent you. told you the syringe went from 1ml-5ml (dont know where that came from) as it actually only goes from 0.1ml -1ml. you recommened to give her 5mls a day, but im not sure if thats too much for her. since i have to basically force feed her, she only puts up with me giving her around 2mls. and it can be quite hard getting it into her as she tends to shake her head around

ANSWER: Hello Sarah,

That is alright, it is easy to look at the syringes wrong!
I think I probably recommended .5ml, but not 5mls.  That is a huge difference.  The .5ml would be ok to start, depending on the strength of it.  
It can be challenging to get the food into them when they fight with us.  Did you try using a swab to gently get her mouth open to squirt into the side of her mouth?  
What is the strength of the calcium again, does it say on the label?  It was Zolcal, correct?
How is she doing today?


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QUESTION: had a look at the bottle of calcium and it says it has calcium gluconate 40% (400g/litre), vitamin D3 25,000 IU/litre

ANSWER: Hello Sarah,

That is a strong solution.  It looks like it has 400mg/ml.  
So, the amount needed is very small!  What is the weight of your dragon?


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QUESTION: she is about 270 grams. ive been giving her nearly .3mls. is that too much. it says to give .1ml per 100 grams of weight

Hello Sarah,

Thanks.  The label may be slightly different than I am used to here.  The 40% is a strong solution!  Normally that equates to 400mg/ml when you convert a percentage.
Try giving less than the dose recommended, but monitor the urates.  I don't want her getting too much as that can cause renal failure.  
If there is 400 grams in the 1 litre bottle then there is 400,000 milligrams of calcium gluconate in the 1000 milliliter or 1 litre bottle.  The dosing information is wrong, I believe.  



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