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I am wanting to travel with my bearded dragon to NY. We now live in Wyoming where it is very cold. Will he be ok on an airplane if he travels in the cabin with me. I am also worried about going from house to car etc in extreme cold. 0 degrees. will he be ok if I make sure I keep him wrapped up and with some warmers

You can get proper shipping supplies, including 72 hour heat packs and insulated boxes, at  Using one of these will be the safest way to transport him in very cold weather.

I recommend that you ship your dragon using SYR.  Replace the bottom foam piece with the 1 1/2 inch thick blue foam insulation board (you can get it at a hardware store), and the box will be good down to 30F.  You can drop him off at Fed Ex, board your plane, and the next day he will arrive at your destination.

Airlines will NOT, generally speaking, allow you to take a reptile in the cabin!  (You can call and ask, but I wouldn't hold your breath).  Transporting them in baggage would also be staggeringly expensive.

Expect to spend around $60 to have him shipped to NY.

For a variety of reasons, if this is travel, and not a permanent or long-term move, I recommend you have him boarded with an experienced reptile keeper while you are gone, and not take him along.  Shipping is always risky, and reptiles respond very poorly to stress.


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