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My Terarrium
My Terarrium  
I have a green anole in a 24x18x12 terrarium. After doing much research I now feel I have all of the proper lighting/heating and furnishings. I found her this past August, in the warehouse at my job located in Houston Tx., barely alive, very skinny and wrinkly. She's now healthy and I would like to give her a couple of friends. But before I do, I'd like to know if its necessary, and more importantly, if it's safe? She was proabably just about 2" when I found her this past August, and now almost 4 months later, she is probably about 3" including her tail. I'm not sure how old that makes her but, I consider her to be still fairly small compared to the ones I see in the wild. I know she's a female because she has no extra skin or coloration under her throat/neck area. First of all is it safe to add population even though she's been by herself for the past 4 months, if not her whole life. Second how many can my terarrium comfortably house. Again, it's a 24long x 18wide x 12high, which I believe equals to a 20-22 gallon tank. I was told by a website that I could house 2-4 anoles and should do so to keep mine company. I just need a second opinion. Do they really get lonely? I'd also like to know if it's safe to add adults. I found a website, reptilesncritters that overnights anoles but has no guarentee of what size you'll get, though I was told generally they send medium sized anoles. Last, what would be best? Should I buy one male and one female, maybe just one female, or 2 females and one male to add with my female? I would really appreciate any advice. Thank you for your time.
Vincent Mocny and Cleo the lizard

Vincent apologies for the delay, I wouldn't advise adding more reptiles of any kind. Thing is that reptiles rarely encounter one another in the wild and then it is only to breed. I hope that answers your question and if you have any further questions please email me directly at (replacing AT with @) and feel free to browse our sites as well.  


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