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Green iguana given to us march 18 12 huge encloser good lighting left for two days x mas not eating and last night in tub he wasnt using front left foot today favering both front feet see could be calcium could i use the child drops from drug store thank you i read this often

Hi, Terry,
I'd really need a lot more information to be of much help, but one thing I can absolutely say is that this iguana needs to see an experienced reptile vet immediately.  (If you would take a dog in the same condition to a vet, you should take a reptile as well).

A green iguana requires a 6 ft X 4 ft enclosure when fully grown (minimum), with 80F daytime air temperatures at around 80% humidity.  The basking spot should be around 110F.  Light should be high intensity UVB for 12 hours per day.  The new mercury-vapor reptile lights are probably the best choice, as the UVB fluorescents do not throw light very far (they must be within 8 inches of the animal to do any good).  UVB fluorescents must be replaced every 6 months, and mercury-vapor UVB/heat lights should be replaced every 3 years.

Don't use human vitamins or medications for reptiles.  First, if the problem is hypocalcemia, the animal might be favoring its feet because they are BROKEN.  Second, if the problem is severe enough to be debilitating, the veterinarian will prescribe liquid calcium supplements with some D3 in them.  Vitamin D is toxic when overdosed.  Green iguanas do not absorb dietary D3 well, which is why they need the strong UVB light.


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