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Reptiles/leopard gecko may have an infection or disease


infection or disease
infection or disease  
QUESTION: Hey my leopard gecko was exposed to low cold temperature an his tail has loss fat lost feeling an has turned red now its shrunken up an gotten hard im very afraid it may die can you please explain help me understand whats wrong

ANSWER: Hello Steve,

Wow, I am sorry to hear about your gecko being exposed to the cold.  
How long was he exposed to cold?  It looks like a type of frostbite type of injury to the skin.
Is it just the lower portion of the tail which is hard but the upper part is still soft, viable?

Leopard geckos do drop their tails if it is injured, etc. They will regenerate the tail, over time.  How is the rest of his body, physically?
Is he eating anything at all?
What temperatures are you keeping him at?  


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QUESTION: Thanx for answering he was exposed for possibly ten minutes an i havent seen him eat but he does drink alot of water an lays in the water bowl

ANSWER: Hello Steve,

Oh that is too bad.  
Are you using any antibiotic ointment on that area, just to help out?  I believe that it will eventually dry up & he will drop his tail, or at least part of it anyway.
If he is not eating, you will need to get some chicken or turkey baby food to feed to him just to help until he starts eating again.
Be sure his tank has a warm area of around 88-90 o one end, using an undertank heater, too.

Let me know how he is doing.


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QUESTION: He started eating again an his tail is dryed out it'll probably snap off of i put ointment he doing good

Hello Steve,

Ok, that sounds good he is eating now!  It must not be bothering him too much then?
It wont take long for it to dry out & then fall of.  
Let me know how he is doing & show pictures when it does fall off.  Then you can put ointment on that area too just to help it heal up faster.



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