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hi, we bought my son a crested gecko 5 days ago, he is very quiet, just stays in the same spot all the time, we get him out each evening, he is quiet lively then, not scared, quiet mellow. we have feed him the gecko complete diet, which he eats, just, concerned he is quiet. is it because of new surroundings and only being 2 months?

Hello Lorraine,

Crested geckos need a little time to adjust to a new home.  I would give him a week or two just to become adjusted more.
At least he doesn't mind being handled & is eating pretty well.  How much is he eating, will he eat any live insects too?  
How big is he, he is 2 months old?  Do you have any pictures of him?
The younger ones may not make too much noise or squeaking.  However, they are all different & some may be more prone to making noise than others.

Let me know how he is doing.


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