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hi i have a ranking dragon and she seems to be sleeping more and more
she is about 2 years old
and i was wondering if they go to sleep more in the winter as i have to wake her up to drink and to eat.?

Hi Lisa,
Yes, many do take a winter is called "brumation".   I'm going to include some links on it so you can read more.
Some beardies will allow you to wake them up for a drink and food.  You don't want to offer insects though..only their "veggies". It is better they brumate with only veggie matter in their stomachs..easier to digest.
Most bearded dragons will take long naps (generally,if they are  over a yr) in the fall.. this is called Brumation.  is a form of hibernation.  You can read more about that at  be sure to read this link as it tells you what to look for in brumation vs illness.  


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