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QUESTION: My red eared slider just started twitching while basking.  It is happening frequently.  I am not sure if this is normal behavior or there is something I have to do to fix it.  Thank you!

ANSWER: Twitching could be due to a number of reasons in order to answer your question more accurately can you tell me the parameters that the turtle is kept in. Such as water temps, basking temps, UV Exposure, ambient temps, and diet? Also here is an article which may help

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QUESTION: My RES is about 2 inches and is currently in a 10 gallon tank. He has a brand new basking light and it is around 86-88 degrees in the basking area. Water temp is between 77-82. He eats gourmet aquatic turtle food which has mealworms and dried shrimp in it. He also gets reptile sticks. Inside his tank is a calci treat bone that floats around as well as repto guard health conditioner(medicated sulfa blocks).

OK I noticed there was no mention of UV exposure UV exposure is essential to a healthy turtle. Also I would recommend contacting our Ask the Vet Columnist here for further information on how to potentially treat the turtle but most definitely get a UV bulb as this in my opinion is what may possibly be the issue.


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