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I'm looking to get 3-4 Red headed agama lizards (1 male and a few female) and I was wondering about the nature of the lizards. I've currently got 2 small tortoise in a heated enclosure and I was wondering if they would all be able to live together without fighting or damaging the tortoise?

We have 1 male tortoise and 1 female and neither are aggressive and they've never fought and are both great around people and other animals (we have a dog and cat which don't bother them).

If they can live together then I will happily purchase the lizards however if they can't live together I would need to rethink.

Thanks for your help.

Red Head Agama's are much like bearded dragons and usually are a little skittish about humans but will calm down with time and handling. As far as housing them together with another species there are mixed opinions on this. Some say it is fine others say it is not. My personal experience is that when housing multiple species together there is a lot of risk involved in zoonoses or cross contamination. I highly recommend against housing differing species together simply because of dietary needs and micro environmental niches which cannot be accomplished with multiple species without some difficulty.


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