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Reptiles/bearded dragon died. when is it safe to get a new one


so sydney my bearded dragon hadnt been eating since septemeber. at first i wasnt concerned as she wasnt losing any weight and was still pretty active and alert. but the past month i noticed she had lost quite a bit of weight and over the past week had become very lethargic.

now sadly i found her dead in her viv this morning and im devestated. i was planning on calling the vets today to have her put to sleep as i think she was suffering.

now im wondering when would it be safe to buy a new one. ive cleaned her viv out and will be buying some new things.

Hello Sarah,

I am sorry for your loss of your dragon.  That is so difficult to lose one.
It could have been from egg binding/stasis if she was old enough, metabolic bone disease or a worm/parasite issue, too.  
As long as you disinfect the tank prior to getting another one with a steamer, or bleach to water dilution.  You can also use novalsan or hibiclens for disinfection as well.
Be sure to air dry it very well after rinsing & any of the tank decor/wood items you can soak in warm water & let air dry.  The wood items, you can bake in the oven at 250 or so just to try & kill any bacteria.

I am sorry that you lost Sydney.



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