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My female beardie has had loose stools the last 3 weeks (approximately 1 per week with no other bowel movements). She is approximately 3 years old (I've had her since she was 6 weeks) with no previous health problems. She has live insects approximately every 3-4 days with fresh greens given daily along with a fresh bowl of water. Greens consist of Chard, collared greens, peppers, endive, carrot, beetroot, spinach, lambs lettuce (small quantities), etc. NEVER ICEBERG, as I know this should not be given to them. Tank setup - 3foot x 2foot x 1.5foot viv (exoterra) 2 10% uvb strip lights full length of tank, 1 x 150watt uva spot light for heat at one end of tank with heat mat underneath. low temp end is approx 75-85c warm end approx 95-110c. Digital thermometers keep temperatures. Temp at night approx 60-70c with heat mat on if possibility of going any lower. She tends to sleep on the heat mat if she feels it's not warm enough. because of the recent drops in temperature (we've had snow recently and the warm end of the tank tends to be closer to 95c rather than 110c at the moment) she's been lounging in the heat spot a lot. She is still active and whenever she see's something of interest, usually food or our pet cat, she reacts quickly. She doesn't appear to be stressed, lethargic or have any other symptoms except the loose stools. Her diet hasn't changed in months (its difficult to get certain greens during this time of year). Could the loose stools be caused by the drop in temperature messing with her digestive system? She still eats avidly and seems fine in and of herself. Any help you can give me would be appreciated. Thank you for your time, hope to hear from you soon.

Hi Sarah,
Yes, temperature changes can affect their stools because their digestive rate will change. Usually, it is a higher temperature that causes faster digestion though.
Much of her diet is  high water content foods. This time of year the vegetables may even contain higher amounts of water. I would not feed her spinach as a regular part of her diet.
I do understand about the variety of greens available this time of year!!!  In the US, where I am located it is sometimes hard to find the needed foods for the critters.  
You might want to try giving her some acidophilus to see if that helps.  It will replenish their needed gut bacteria, which, due to cooler temperatures, her digestion MAY be a bit sluggish.  I use human grade acidophilus capsules.  One opened  capsule should treat for two days.  Generally you give it to them for a few days in a row but there is no harm using it for a longer period of time. If her stools don't firm back up, or if they smell "off" or if they become more watery, then she may have some internal parasites which will need confirmed and treated by a vet.  
Other forms of the acidophilus are: Bene Bac...labeled for birds, approved for reptiles. Nutri Bac, Acidolophliz+ .  


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