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HI, I have baby beardies and they are 35 days old, a couple of them twitch and there legs extend out, and i was wondering what is the cause since they are so young. i have been feeding them 1 week old crickets and dubia roaches that are very very small.also at first i fed them silkworms..they dont twitch very often but i am planning on selling the babies and i need to know whats wrong. please help.


It sounds like it could be a calcium deficiency.  Was the mother young or calcium deficient when she was gravid?
Are you using a UVB light & if so, what type & brand do you use?
How often do you use calcium?
The silkworms, how small were they?  The crickets & dubias sound like they are the right size so it shouldn't be impaction.
What substrate do you have them on, sand, tiles, paper towels?



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