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Reptiles/Chinese Water Dragon with balance problems when looping up


I'm from Denmark so if my english is incomprehensible I'm sorry.
Anyways, I have two chinese water dragons (a male and a female) who is approximately 2 years old and live in a terrarium that is 200*120*60 cm (l*h*w). They have a bath that contains of 180 litre. During the last week my male CWD has had problems with his balance when he is looking up and especially when he is nodding to the female. He is tilting and doesn't know what is up and down which causes that he often falls down from the branches in the terrarium. My female CWD behaves normal. They eat cockroaches, fish, crickets, beef and worms. The male got his first alive mouse 14 days ago (the female did not get one). My male CWD still eats but has lost a bit of his appetite (he use to be very greedy).
I reallly hope you can help me and thank you in advance for your time :-)
- Camilla

Hi, Camilla,

Your English is fine.  It's possible that your male water dragon has an inner ear infection, and I recommend taking him to an experienced reptile vet for a checkup.  Minor infections can usually be cleared up with a simple course of injected antibiotics, but if left untreated, can become deadly.

There are a few other possibilities, such as hypocalcemia (lack of UVB light and/or lack of calcium supplements can lead to this), but a vet will be able to determine that, as well.

Either of the above conditions would affect his appetite-- reptiles tend not to eat when they don't feel well.


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