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QUESTION: Can my female leo's cloudy eyes be caused by my male biting her during copulation? As it only seems to happen when they are in the season for breeding. Please reply as I don't know if I am doing something wrong to cause her this distress or if it is naturally occurring

ANSWER: Hello Kyle,

Are her eyes not cloudy for most of the year, only during mating season?  
Is he mating her too often which can cause stress for her.  
How is your tank setup, do they have a moist/humid hide to help with overall humidity levels?
What are the temperatures in the tank?  
Do you have any pictures of her?
The other issues that cause cloudy eyes would be a bacterial infection or retained eye caps.

Let me know how she is doing.

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Clouded eye
Clouded eye  

Clouded eye
Clouded eye  
QUESTION: What are retained eye caps? Please explain and explain remedy method?When using a cotton swab to clean her eyes it is almost like I can remove some kind of gunk from the surface of her eye but I don't want to push too hard. Her tank temp is between 28 and 31 degrees Celsius. I provide heated moist and dry hides, and also unheated dry hides. For the moment she's on paper towels to rule out foreign body's. I clean her eyes daily with warm water and cotton swabs. Her eyes are not improving and now her diet is reduced and I am running out of options. Please help. I have attached a few pictures

Hello Kyle,
How is she doing tonight?

The 28-31C is ok but maybe try to bump it up just a little more to a range on the warm side of around 30-32.  The cooler end can be maintained around 26-28.
Are the moist hides kept moist often, correct?  It sounds like she may have had some retained eye caps (the skin on the eyes that didn't shed) which can cause a bacterial infection in this area.
You can try to find some sterile saline solution to use daily to help with her eyes.  
Try to find some antibiotic eye ointment, also.  It sounds like her eyes could be getting infected possibly.  
Is she eating very well right now?
Please let me know how she is doing.



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