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Crested gecko
Crested gecko  
My crested gecko looks really bad right now. Her nose got cut by her claw when she was shedding skin which she has done about twice this month. Also her mouth like where her lips are just has a bunch of dirt on it that is stuck and she won't bother to get it off. I was holding her and she wouldn't really pick up her head and she pushed into things like she didn't know where she was going or couldn't see. It looks like she has seizures sometimes because she will just shake She also twitches and when she walks its like her front arm gets stuck and she swings it all the way back and up in a circle before she can put it down. She eats fine though but just doesn't look like she normally does. I've had her for 2 years and I don't know what's wrong hopefully you could help me.

Hello Hannah,

Please review your tank set up with me.
What are the temperatures in the tank?  
Do you have a moist/humid hide or cave for her?
I would take the dirt out of her tank.  You can use paper towels or non adhesive shelf liner for better choices.
Do you give calcium to her on a regular basis?  The seizures sound like possible metabolic bone disease.  I would recommend getting some liquid calcium foe her, as it absorbs more quickly.  
How  old is she?
Can you clean the dirt out of her mouth with diluted betadine & a swab?
Let me know how she is doing.



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