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I've had my bearded dragon for about 6 months along with another. They both eat normally but one is more aggressive than the other. I've seen diamond bite pearls tail a few times. For about two weeks the last inch of her tail has gotten dry and is a lot smaller/ shriveled up . I don't know what it could be. help me please!

Hi Suheyj,
Your beardie has what is called "dry gangrene". She will need to see a vet so that he/she can amputate the "dead" part of her tail.  If the dead part isn't removed, the gangrene will continue on up the tail, causing more and more of the tail to die off.  The infection can also go internal, which can be deadly in a short time.
You also need to separate the two beardies as they will continue to fight and eventually may kill one another.
I'm sorry that there isn't an easier "remedy" to fix her tail.


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