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Reptiles/Juvenile Beardie - sudden behavior change


annecat wrote at 2013-01-08 02:44:57
Hi Tracie,

I will send you the full lab report on Wednesday but I do think that my post listed the key detail.

In terms of injury, when we purchased our Beardie (age:  2 weeks), he had a small break in his tail (mid-way) but the vet was not concerned about it.  That's the only thing we know for sure.  In terms of anything else happening, we are not aware.  We do have 2 young boys but they are mostly gently with the lizard.  

The vet did not do an X-ray.

He still has a jaw issue. He eats as if a large piece of something was in his mouth, even if it is a drop of water.  And sort of chews off to the side.  He just started doing this when we noticed him not using his hind legs.  Our vet thinks its related to the neurological problem.

Yes, we are using the Reptisun 10 tube.  And we are giving him calcium every day now.  He has good days and bad. This past weekend was good - he was eating 10 crickets/day.  Today, though, I could barely get him to eat 6.

I notice also that he is not responding to me.  I wave food up and down near his nose (he used to bob his head up and down) and now he just seems to stare off into space and doesn't even notice I'm there.  

Yesterday, I noticed him shutting his eyes in the middle of the day and bulging them out (he's not shedding)...and also opening his mouth as if he were yawning (not temp-regulating which I know is normal).

Its all so sad.


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