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I was gone for two weeks and she ahead while I was gone, ( I did have someone watching her) however her eyes never opened after the shedding and when I look in her eyes they have a yellow yuck over them, in the past I have been able to help by putting saline in them to moisten them, but nothing is helping, she is losing weight and I'm worried, I've had her for 5 yrs and never had this problem, do you think it could be from the shedding?  I'm so worried since she won't eat either, I've tried to put it in her mouth she spits it out.  Lost and worried,

I would have to know specifically what species of Gecko we are speaking of before attempting to diagnose or give any information. That said, my initial reaction would be to take the gecko to the vet and have it examined as this could be and sounds like an infection of some sort.  


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