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Reptiles/Leopard gecko not defecating


Hi Tracy,

I have a female leopard gecko, about 8 months old. She recently started an antibiotic prescribed by the vet to clear an eye problem, but since she's been on it (over a week now), she has not been defecating! Could this be a side effect of the antibiotics? She continues to eat a few mealworms a day even though she does not release what she has been eating. Her temps are 85-90ish on the warm side and 70ish on the cooler side. Could she be impacted? And if yes, is there anything I can do?

Hello Jeremy,

The antibiotics are very hard on the system & most times will dehydrate them.
Are you giving any probiotics such as non dairy soy yogurt or acidophiliz?
I would try to get some oral fluids into her if possible to help.  
What substrate is she on?
Which antibiotic is she on & what is the dose?  How much does she weigh?

Let me know how she is doing.



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