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My smallest beardie has developed swollen limbs over the last 4 days and looks as though she has difficulty walking. she is a bit lethargic in the Viv but quite lively if I handle her. she also isn't eating much. the weather has got colder in the last week and my other 3 aren't eating as much either. she is passing faeces. all my beardies are the same age (4yrs) but she has always been smaller than the others. I give them fresh greens with vitamins every morning and live food 3 or 4 times a week coated with calcium supplement. I have been offering her more live food but she's not interested. the lighting should be fine as the bulbs were new in September and the temps are ok- 105 degree hot end and about 85 degree cool end She lives with a male but has never laid any eggs. please help. Thankyou

Hello Cath,

Do you have any pictures of her?
She is housed with a male too?  
Which vitamin are you using daily, what is in it?  Vitamin A, E, D, etc?   She gets calcium 3-4 times per week?
How many feeders does she get weekly?  As an adult, she really only needs about 40-50 feeders, weekly.
Which UVB light are you using is it a tube bulb or a compact/coil light?  How old is it?  What brand is it?
What type of thermometer do you use to measure her temperatures?

Yes, the colder weather will cause a natural slow down but only for a few months most of the time.  I do need pictures though, as well as the UVB information.



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