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I just purchased a baby Bearded Dragon from Petco 2 days ago... it has been having what look like seizures.  It's whole body will shake really bad and slowly it will stretch it's back legs straight out really far, it will also have it's two front legs stretched straight back down it's sides.  His whole body gets really tense and sometimes he will flip over when this is going on.  It has happened four times already with no necessary triggers that I can see anyways.

I have him in a 29g long tank.  He has a white heat lamp 100watt for a basking spot and a repti sun 10.0 uvb light , both are about a foot from his basking spot.  He has been eating, and also using the bathroom, but like I said I only have had him for two days. I'm not sure how well they took care of him in the store.  If it wasn't for the seizure like behavior he would seem perfectly fine.

Do you have any ideas about what could be wrong with him?

Also sometimes after this happens, he will appear fine.  A few minutes later he will be basking or eating.  Sometimes he will just lay there.  I've attached a picture of him so you can see him.  This was right after one of his attacks happened and he was really straight.

Hello Beth,

Poor baby, I am sorry about your little baby.      
Since you have just gotten him, it is nothing you could have done.  
He most likely has calcium issues which cause the seizures.  Are you using any calcium supplementation for him?  
What substrate did the store have him on, sand?  Can he fully support himself on all fours & climb normally too?  
Are the crickets smaller than the space between his eyes?
Are his stools normal sized in comparison to what he eats?
I would look into getting some liquid calcium to get his levels back up to par.  You can look at the petstore for Zilla liquid calcium, or if you can't find it there, I sell some on my website, too.
The Reptisun 10 tube bulb can be mounted underneath of the screen top to be around 6-8 inches from him for maximum exposure.  

Let me know how he is doing.



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