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my leopard gecko(Cricket),which i got about a week ago has started vomiting clear stuff her poo is also clear and she is thin and has trouble shedding, can you help me figure out whats wrong with her???
i am going to separate her from the other geckos and change the sand in their cage and clean their water dish tomarrow in case it is something that the other geckos might get as well but i really don't know any thing about gecko sicknesses.

Hello Jayden,

I would first change the sand out as she could be impacted from it.  They are terrible about  licking & eating it.  Instead use paper towels or felt for her.
Definitely separate her from the rest so she can try to recover.  How many do you have housed together?
Do you have a hot spot of around 88-90 for her?
What foods is she eating?
Since she has been vomiting you will need to get fluids into her.  Either bathe her or get a plastic dropper or syringe & getting water into her so she doesn't get dehydrated.



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