QUESTION: Puke and such was for stick days whenever I fed her I have staredtreating the tail. She just isn't her self and she been having a case of nerves like she always does when I change her habitat ( doesn't poop for a day or two) she is drinking water and has 8 hours to digest before its bed time. My friend told me to ask a friend of his what her opinion was and from everything I told her she said the only thing she could think it would be is organ failure.

ANSWER: Hello Laina,

Is her beard dark?  
I think you will need to get some antibiotics to treat her as she probably has an infection which has stemmed from her tail.  Can you get her to a vet?
If not, let me know & we can figure something else out with regards to taking care of that tail.
Please order some Baytril here:

I don't think it is organ failure, but couldn't know for sure without a blood test for diagnosis/analysis.

Can you get some baby food into her to help?
Are you feeding her daily, also along with the water?

You can also email me at:

We need to get Sonya taken care of soon as I do believe she has an infection.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: her beard has been turnin black alot lately and i took her to a vet, she beleieved her tail was infected and cve me painkillers and sometype other type of drug, i feed her every day at 2 it just depends weather ornot she'll eat and shewont go foranything thatisnt live, shes just started to eat blueberries

Hello Laina,

I am glad to hear you got her to the vets.  
Did he say how long for her to stay on the antibiotics & whether or not the tail needed to come off on that area?
Are you giving probiotics to her such as non dairy soy yogurt or acidophiliz to help her tummy while she is on meds?

Let me know how she is doing.



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