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I have brought my Crested Gecko to a vet,  (I just want a second opinion at this point)
I took my crestie (who I've had for a year) to a vet about a month ago because he had a bloody stool and it had mucus/white circles with in it. I was very worried, and I brought a small feces for the vet to test and he said he could not find anything, and said it's possibly dehydration issues. Keeping humidity right is difficult. However, this week I found that my gecko did the same thing again, and now I'm really nervous, do you think it could be a parasite or just digestion problems... The vet was not a crested gecko specialist but had worked with reptiles , the closest crested vet  is 2 hours or so away. I don't feed my gecko insects only CGD, and he's been pretty normal but then things like this randomly happen. Like a pile of red mush and white balls on paper towels in the morning.

Bridget, I am far from an expert on crested but those look like immature eggs???  The mucus around them is strange though...  Try showing that picture to some of the other experts that are more versed in geckos and see what they think.  If the vet did a fecal float test that's pretty much the gold standard.  We kind of have to assume that he did it right.  The only other option is to have another vet do another test and that doesn't sound feasible.


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