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Bad left eye
Bad left eye  

normal right eye
normal right eye  

Within the last day or so I noticed one of my green tree monitor's irises appears to have slightly sunken in and moved to the rear of the eye.(see first image). She is currently a juvenile so she is in a 24"x24"x36" right now. She really loves to dig in the dirt (coconut fiber/husk and some sphagnum moss) and has very recently seemed to become nocturnal. I am currently down at school and there are no exotic vets in the area and I wont have a chance to get to mine back home for a couple weeks. Please help me with any information you can as I am very worried. She eats a steady diet of calcium dusted crickets and occasional protein from chicken or pinkies. She has a UVB light and heat light during the day and a red night light.

(I wouldn't say her eye is "sunken in" really, i've seen that in the old anoles I used to care for and know that that occurs due to a nutrient deficiency, her eye looks more like it has become flat instead of a slightly convex normal eye because of the iris shift in the eye)

Hello Casey,

Which UVB light are you using right now, a fluorescent tube bulb or a compact/coil light?  Which brand is it?  How close is the UVB placed to her?
The eyes don't appear sunken in but does she get any fluids or drink on her own?
Are you giving any vitamins weekly?  You could try getting a vitamin that has vitamin A in it to give weekly to see if that helps out.
It doesn't look infected.  Does it have any discharge in it that you can tell?  It didn't appear swollen looking at the pictures.

Could she have gotten any loose substrate into her eyes? That can sometimes happen & cause irritation in the eyes.  
What are the basking temperatures you keep her at during the day?   

If you can post a picture of her tank setup also.  


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