QUESTION: Hello I have a question. The other day I went to take my ig out for roam time and spotted black puffed skin (dead skin) ill attach a photo. I let it go for few days see if it got better or worse but seem to stay same. I dont know if its serious or not and im well prepared for vet visit. The skin is extermly hard also. Is it some kind of fungal? Or just bad shed? Thank you

ANSWER: Hi Chris,
There was no photo attached.  With what you are describing, it can be fungal or bacterial.  With the color of it, I always recommend a vet to check it to see what it is and the cause.  Treating for a fungus with the wrong fungal treatment can make it worse. If your ig is in a tank and you keep it too wet, that can cause some nasty skin infections. Check out some of my past answers to see my care sheet for more on housing an iguana.
You can apply some antibiotic ointment such as bacitracin to the area while waiting on a vet appointment. If you see improvement in the area with that treatment, then it is most likely bacterial or just bad shed.  If it is fungal it won't make it any better, nor worse.  Again, I vet is needed especially if you see more spots or if it doesn't go away in a few days.

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black spot
black spot  
QUESTION: Here is a picture it hasn't changed might of got lighter. I thought I put picture in last question. Im making a vet app. Tomorrow. But im really worried.

ok... now I see the picture... is it possible he touched a heat source and got burned?  I agree with you 100%... a vet appointment is needed for sure.  I know that in the recent past there have been some cases of CANV(virus).  That is one thing you hope and pray it isn't but do mention that to the vet.  Sometimes it is impossible to tell if an injury is a burn, fungus or something else going on.  Please do let me know what you find out.  While waiting to get into the vet(hopefully they get you right in) you can continue to use the ointment on the area.  The vet may prescribe Silvadine ointment if it is a burn or just to see if that helps.  Hopefully, the Vet does a skin scraping to get a better idea as to what is going on. Its good that the area hasn't gotten bigger or spread...  


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