I took my iggy to vet yesterday his black blob spot ended up being a bacterial affection. It wasn't toi bad thanl god! Iggys body was already clearing it up. Vet was really nice and had assistant that was learning and he had no clue about reptile they dont teach thst in school! I got mad that they dont so it was a goodegood experience with him. (I think he hates iguanas now iggy freaked out when vet was trying to get skin sample it was great) but vet gave me a skin cream and tablets fight it on the outside and inside other then that he kept complimenting how good iggy looked and was impressed made me happy and all the other vets and nurses just barged in the room just to look at him and pet him iggy made a lot of peoples day!  Thank you again for your help!

Hi Chris,
IK am sooo happy to hear it was something "easy".  With the iguanas, it's always better to be safe than sorry. Igs are funny with new people.  Sometimes it makes them behave as angels and other times it turns them into a raving maniac!!    When people make a fuss over them, be sure to tell them how expensive they are to keep properly, how they have such a special diet and of course how  it is hard to find a vet that is able to care for them. Again, glad to hear it went well and thanks for letting me know!


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