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How you doing i have a leopard gecko female the age is unknown all i know is she is an adult and i just recently put her some sand in her tank and she been digging non stop and blinking constantly please tellme there is nothing wrong with her?? And also she seems pretty small what age do they stop growing

Hi Dchaun,

It doesn't sound like she is ill but the sand can cause problems down the road. There is really no benefit to it and I generally recommend not using it at all. The type of desert surface they live on in the wild is more hard packed with just a bit of loose sand on top. It is not the type of deep, loose sand you would find at the beach.

Over time they can ingest sand when they eat which can cause blockages. Some sands have a fine dust which can also irritate their eyes or lungs.

Because she is an adult there is a chance that she is producing eggs which leos will do even if they have not been with a male. That may be why she is digging. They prefer to lay their eggs somewhere that is humid. A hide spot with some damp moss in the bottom is all you need.

If leopard geckos are fed on a normal schedule and have the proper temperature then they generally reach their full adult size by around 18 months.  


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