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Hi my partner and I have a leopard gecko approximately 10 - 12 months of age. Up until 4 weeks ago she was a good eater and ate several worms throughout the week however in the last 4 weeks she has been off her food and has only been eating about 1 superworm a week. She has also become quite timid and does not come out of her hide as much as she used to. My partner put coco fibre in her tank 2 weeks ago in a pot as he thought she may be ovulating. Do they lay eggs if they have not mated with a male? We have also noticed she is reluctant to open her right eye and tends to keep it closed. After examining her eye this evening it seems there is another lid at the bottom of her eye. Could this be caused by the coco fibre and is it best to remove this?

Hello Rachael,

They can lay infertile eggs, sure.  It happens quite frequently.  
The coco fibre could be responsible for the eye not opening as well.  Does it appear irritated or infected?
You can get some sterile saline solution to drop into her eye to see if that helps.  
I would recommend taking the loose substrate out & replace it with potting soil mixed with vermiculite, moistened.  
Could she be impacted possibly, when was the last time she went to the bathroom?
If she is or has developed a few eggs, she may lose some of her appetite.  
You could consider having a fecal done on her to be sure she doesn't have worms or parasites.
Does she have a small dish of powdered calcium in her tank also?
Do you have any pictures of her?

Let me know how she is doing.



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