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Hello Diane,

We have a baby brown, wild lizard that is in our garage.  I have left the garage door open for him on several occasions, but he does not seem to want to leave ( I am sure there are plenty of insects in there to eat!).  We are not trying to keep him as a pet, but I do want him to stay alive.  Temps are dropping outside, and I am unsure of what to do.  I put a small spot light on the floor, and he stays under it most of the time.  I would never even phathom putting him in an aquarium and/or trying to domesticate him.  I would not however, mind keeping the lamp out there for him if that will help him survive.  Any advise is greatly appreciated!

Hi Tasha,
TGhey have a natural ability to hibernate when needed.  I would not supply a light as that will just throw him off his natural hibernation. Basically, its best to let nature take over.  The best for hm would be to return him to the outdoors in an area that has rocks and grass coverage he can get into and come out as the weather permits for him to "sunbathe".
A few problems with him staying in the garage: Not being able to get real sunshine which is vital to his health to prevent metabolic bone disease, fumes that are in garages will be deadly to him over time and lack of food as the weather changes.
They are very cute and I give you all the praise in the world that you don't want to put him in a tank..thank you so much for that!!!
Again, the best for him is to take him outdoors and put him in and area that he will have access to find protection.


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