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Black snake
Black snake  
Found this snake outside of my house in Singapore. Was hoping that you can identify it for me. Attached image of snake

I cannot ID it from that picture.  BUT!!!  That neck flairing sure makes me think it might be some species of cobra!  If you can find a book showing the snakes of Singapore look through that and see what it might be.  Conbras aren't the only species that can flare their necks but they are famous for it.  It looks like an Equatorial spitting cobra so use EXTREME caution in you are outside and encounter it again.  They can spit venom over 12 feet.

Here is the description off Wiki:
This species is medium in length, averaging between 0.9 to 1.2 metres (3.0 to 3.9 ft# in length, though they can grow a bit longer to 1.5 metres #4.9 ft).[3] The body is compressed dorsoventrally and sub-cylindrical posteriorly. The head of this species is elliptical, depressed, and slightly distinct from the neck with a short, rounded snout and large nostrils. Eyes are medium in size with round pupils. Dorsal scales are smooth and strongly oblique.[4] This species of cobra has no hood marks and colouration varies based upon geographical location. There are two colour phases: a yellow form commonly found in Thailand, and a black form found in Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, and the islands where it occurs in Indonesia and the Philippines.[5] Juveniles and adults also tend to be of different colour.[3]

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