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I found this lizzard at my work n I live in Colorado.  I didnt want it to freeze due to the snow so I took it home. I need to figure out what kind it is so I can properly take care of it.

This is not a native reptile, so it may have hitched a ride inside of a shipment to your workplace.  (Unless a coworker had a pet there which escaped).  It is a tropical species.

It's a gecko.  It appears to be a Mediterranean gecko, or a related species.  Set it up in an Exo-Terra or ZooMed terrarium, at least 18 X 12 (larger would be better!).  It will need a regulated heat source (a 90F basking spot, and 80F air temperatures - use a digital thermometer with a remote probe) and a sheet of bark or something similar to act as a hiding spot.  Humdity should be 60 to 80%, so use a forest floor mix, bark, or coco-fiber, and mist often.

The gecko will drink water from droplets, so misting provides drinking water.  Geckos often will not drink standing water, so this is important.

Feed live 1/4 inch crickets dusted with a calcium powder containing vitamin D3, and Repashy crested gecko or day gecko diet, served in a small elevated cup.

(Reptile care is a bit complicated, and the setup can be expensive - if you don't feel up to the commitment, contact a local herp society or reptile rescue group immediately.  While generally hardy, these animals can quickly become ill if they're in inappropriate conditions for long).


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