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i have never had any problem with my gecko but my friends is another story. i had not seen the gecko for about 2 months and a couple of days ago when i went over his house he told me to go and get the gecko i was horrified. it wasn't walking very well and had a skinny tail not to the point of stick tail but about 2 months away from it. he told me it hasn't eaten in 3 weeks and hasn't had any calcium in the tank for a month. i  put calcium in the tank and told him that the gecko really needs a under tank heater. he wants me to take it but i'm sure if i can work my magic on this one. the gecko is only 9 months old and i really don't wanna start force feeding it. today we are going to a exoti pet store and we might bring him along to see what they say
thankss mihael

Hi Michael,

Has this poor gecko had no heat source at all while your friend has owned it? That would explain a lot about its current poor condition.

Their entire metabolism depends on an external heat source. They cannot absorb and metabolize nutrients (including calcium) at sub-optimal temperatures. So, even if they do eat, they are not getting the full benefit from it. That would be especially damaging for a young animal that has higher demands for protein and minerals to fuel their growth. The immune system that fights off infection and keeps parasite loads down is also inhibited by low temperatures.

The bones in the legs and jaw become soft due to calcium deficiency making it very difficult for the gecko to hunt and catch/kill prey.

Start by giving him a proper temperature gradient. I would also suggest soaking him in a little tepid water to encourage him to drink. Dehydration and malnutrition usually go together.
Force feeding is very stressful and can potentially injure him. It would be safer to try dabbing some turkey or chicken based baby food on his snout. They often respond by licking it off. You can add a pinch of calcium to it.

With luck you can bring him back to some degree of health. Good luck.  


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