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QUESTION: I had my golden gecko for about 1-3 months I guess and he hasn't shed yet the rest of my reptiles shed normally maybe around the same time and he really haven't been eating eating ever since I switch his this bad?

ANSWER: Hello Porsher,

Good to hear from you.  
How large is your golden gecko?  He isn't eating very much right now?
If he is not eating, you can try chicken or turkey baby food or the repashy gecko food to help him out if he is losing any weight.
Sometimes when you rearrange or change their tank & or surroundings, it takes them a little bit of time to adjust & get used to it.
How long ago did you change up his enclosure?


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Gecko enclosure
Gecko enclosure  

water dragon
water dragon  
QUESTION: He's about 5 1/2-6 inches and I changed his enclosure 9 days ago to make it look more like a tropical enclosure and he ate perfectly when he was in a Rubbermaid container then he do in a tank,but I put him in a tank because the container collects mold when I mist it and I don't want him to get fungal infections.

*thank you for all your help with my water dragons when you always answered my questions before now their strong and's a picture of one of them :) .

Hello Porsher,

They look great.  The enclosures are super.  The tropical look should be wonderful for your water dragon.  How tall is it?
Have you tried feeding him outside of his tank yet?

I am glad that they are doing so well.  I would give him a little more time to get adjusted to his new tank, but you can try chicken or turkey baby food with a syringe or dropper to help him out if he starts losing weight.
I am glad you got him switched to a new tank because mold isn't good for them.
I am happy that I could help out with your gang!  :-)

Let me know how things are going.



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