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Hi, I have a Leopard gecko that I got in mid August. He has always eaten fine until up about 3 weeks ago. His eating habits slowed down from every day to every other. Last Wednesday,he just stopped eating. He has eaten crickets his whole life, so I thought maybe he was just tired of crickets. I went out to get mealworms and offered him those also. I have also let him soak a couple times is warm water. I was worried so I did lots of research. I found someone who seemed very knowledgeable about geckos on YouTube. Flyer watching his video, I tried assist feeding him meal worms. I was beginning to feel relieved because he ate 2 mealworms, but I went to check on him today and he didn't keep either of the meal worms down. I just don't know what to do and I'm really worried about him

Hello Chloe,

I am sorry to hear your leopard is not doing well.  
Can you review your tank setup with me, such as what the temperatures are, substrate, etc?
Since it is wintertime now, could his tank not be staying warm enough?  Do you use an undertank heater right now 24/7?  
Are his stools normal or is he not going to the bathroom much right now since he isn't eating?

I recommend trying to get some chicken/turkey baby food to feed to him with a plastic dropper or syringe to help him out.  Also give some calcium powder in with that also, to help him out right now.  You can also get some powdered bee pollen to help with his immune system right now.  

Do you have any pictures of him?



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