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I am asking for advice on the best way to syringe feed fluids to my beardie.  She is atadenovirus positive and is looking a little dehydrated.  I bathe her daily for about 10-15 minutes but I don't know if that is enough for her.  Should I try to add Pedialyte to her bath water?  Am I better to give oral fluids?  I am afraid with the oral fluids of her aspirating it into her lungs.  I am currently syringe feeding foods to her, but the foods are thicker and easier to control how much and where the food winds up in her mouth. Any advice will be appreciated.  Thank you.

Hi Shannon, so sorry about your beardie.  With fluids in a syringe, just go very very slowly. She should lick at it when she realizes its more liquid. You can even try adding a bit more water to some of the  foods you are syringing to her to get more water into her. Yes, you can add the pedialyte to the water but unless she is drinking it, it really isn't going to do much more than plain water in the bath. It may encourage her to drink it though, which is a good thing.  Try offering some watermelon or some juice(no sugar or sugar sub added).   If she likes the baths, you can soak her longer if you have the time. Be sure to mist her during the day also.  


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