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Hi! I have unfortunately made the mistake of taking the advice of housing two bearded dragons together. One has bitten the other and now the arm is shriveled and nearly off. I have already separated the dragons and give the dragon baths with betadine twice a day. Am I on the right track? Is there anything more I can do? DO you have any idea how much a trip to to the visit would cost me for this? She is a female less than 1 year old.

Thank You

Hi Jose,
Sorry about your dragon. As to the cost, it varies so much from vet to vet and location to location. Some vets are willing to work with you on costs and there is a credit card you can apply for that does not charge interest if you pay your monthly payment on time.  It is called CARE CREDIT.  It can only be used for medical(both human and animal) expenses. Many Vets are now accepting it.
You do need a vet visit though to get antibiotics to prevent any infection from forming in your beardies body. You are doing right with the Betadine baths, but oral antibiotics are needed and it sounds like your dragon may need to have the leg amputated.
Again, I am so very sorry your dragon is going through this.  Below are some links to finding a vet.  Maybe you can call around to different ones in your area to get an idea as to the charge.


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