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QUESTION: My bearded dragons appetite has decreased and he sleeps almost all day. All around his eyes have turned bright yellow, is this normal? I've done some research and it doesn't look like any fungus.

ANSWER: Hello April,

Do you have any pictures of him so I could see the coloring?  How old is he?
It sounds like he is starting a brumation phase.  Is he maintaining his weight?

Are you using a UVB light & if so, what type & brand are you using?  Do you give
calcium on a regular basis also?
They do tend to slow down or brumate this time of year.  A reduction in appetite
& activity is normal during this time.  It is perfectly normal for them to brumate
if they are healthy, but if they are not doing well it is not recommended to let
them brumate.  


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QUESTION: He's right over a year and does receive calcium powder with every meal and has been maintaining his weight.

Hello April,

If he is over a year you can give calcium once daily, 3 times per week.  
Do you have pictures of him?    
How is he doing?  
Please review your tank setup such as the UVB lights & temperatures.  Which UVB light are you using?
It is the time of year that a lot of them tend to slow down & brumate.  If he is maintaining his weight then it sounds like he is healthy.



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