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can i house a blue tail skink and a box turtle in the same aquarium?

No, different species of reptiles should not be housed together.  Additionally, box turtles are omnivores, and he would probably eventually try to eat the lizard.

I highly recommend doing research on how to properly care for both of these species.  They have special needs in a captive environment, including exact temperatures, and UVB light.  Box turtles also have complex dietary requirements.  I hope your box turtle was captive-bred, and not wild-caught.  Wild-caught animals should be seen by a veterinarian, as they carry parasites which may build to lethal levels in captivity.  (It is also illegal to take box turtles from the wild, in most States).

A box turtle will probably better off in a turtle table enclosure, with an outdoor enclosure for the warm months.  Glass tanks aren't the best choice for them.


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