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Reptiles/buying a bearded dragon from owner follow up


Thank you for all the advice!  We do have a vet close by that we will take you to this week
She came with everything but the seller told us new uvb is needed so today we're going to get the reptisun 10.0. I'm not sure on the weight but she seems good weight just on the smaller side in length. They told us she loved squash and cucumber so we mix a little of that with mustard greens. She ate a lot this morning. About her tail, it does seem to have a ring on the tip maybe an inch or less from the end that looks like something tight was on it so I will definitely put olive oil on it today when I get home.

Hello Samantha,

The Reptisun 10 tube is a great bulb.  Be sure to mount it 6-8 inches away from her mounted alongside of your basking light for maximum exposure.  It should help her out a lot.
She most likely wont grow much more at her age, but she should fill out more for you.  The squash varieties are very good & have some starch for some weight gain.  I would go easy on the cucumber as it is watery & can cause looser stools.  
Mustard greens are great, as well as collard greens, dandelion greens, endive, escarole & arugula.
She could possibly have some retained shed so extra baths & some olive oil should help out.  
I am glad to hear that she ate so well, also!  It sounds like she is going to settle in just fine.
Let me know how the vet visit goes!



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