Should an adult bearded dragon have greens twice daily and crickets twice a week, with calcium dusted on the crickets twice a week? Also vitamins once a week? Well, what I mean is, what is their diet?

Here are a few good care sheets, which I've checked for accurate information:

One of the best beardie food charts online:

Adult bearded dragons should have greens daily (You can offer them twice a day if you want, so they're fresh each time), and insects twice a week.  Dust insects with calcium containing vitamin D3.  If you need to supplement vitamins at all, you could lightly dust their greens once a week.  Use a nutritious gutload formula for feeder insects.  Remember that, when feeding insects, feed as many as the dragon wants to eat in a single sitting, and remove leftovers after 15 minutes.  Don't count out or restrict the number of insects they eat.


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