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Hi I have a post created I'm going to copy the text and then have a brief message at the end thanks

Help photo conjunctivitis cwd babyís

Hi I have looked up many sites and treatments and through endless forums and still canít find a lot if anyone has any advice please leave a comment no negative comments needed as soon as I can get my pets to the vet I will do so for the time I need to be giving them the best options available.

First off my adult Chinese water dragon Lola had a clutch of 11 eggs I made a incubator from a 55w mini fridge hot/cold I used with a 100watt Mat stat all sealed nicely digital therm/hygrometer in door some months later after keeping vermiculite moist I had a dragon hatch by the following day all 11 hatched wow :)

I had a exo terra setup already for few weeks before hand and all was good using reptiglo 5.0 t8 bulb and a 2.0 compact uv bulb once all were 10 weeks all I started selling them and kept my last 2 for myself now Ak and Uzi.

I found one always hiding somewhere and if went to pick him up he we skit round tank like crazy eventually he was okay got both there own new 3ft long 18" tall 18"deep viv I had a same t8 tube used and the coil bulb hanging in tank after sometime they stopped eating and wouldnít open there eyes I did some googling and found a photo-kerato-conjunctivitis site about how these bulbs misplaced at eye level can cause this conjunctivitis if got the bulb out instant and threw in the bin went and got a new recommended arcadia 6% forest uv t8 bulb and a moonlight bulb to keep dim but warm

After looking more I see best to have all uv lights off for 3-5 days itís days three now and seeing and improvement already trying ore to open I m bathing them everyday twice a day I used dioralyte hydration fluid in the bath yesterday itís basically repti boost and have seen its safe on sites as shops out of stock :( today they better more fight in the climbing you which is good still havenít ate for bout 16 days bit worrying had some calci water at bath time each day a slight bit on lip and May or may not lick off but doing okay so far Iím keeping the t8 uv bulb off for few more days and just using the heatmat at night and moonlight during the day

I have seen to use saline to watch eyes out which basically all shops have none near me so today I made a purchase online after seeing a post on here today with a eye problem and turtle eye drops was recommended so I brought reptoboost ,critical formula,and turtle eyes drops will be here in 2 days I can get them to a vet next week but for the weekend Iím gonna try these new products and see how I get on. Has anyone had something like this

Thanks for reading all that long story lol I really trying to keep my first 2 hatchlings al other reptiles in great health I can post various pictures of them if people would like to see tank before and after bulb was changed
Thanks again hope to have some comments back

I hope you can make something from this I hope to hear back soon thanks in advance anything would be greatly appreciated there only young still

Hello Craig,

That is wonderful all 11 eggs hatched & are doing well now.
I am sorry you had the compact/coil lights.  They do cause numerous issues with their eyes & overall health.
You are using the Arcadia D3 6% tube bulb now? How close is the tube bulb to her & is it mounted directly beside her bright white basking light too?   The moonlight is a colored light, correct?  They need a bright white light mounted in their tank to make it bright enough to protect their eyes from UVB emissions.
What are the temperatures in the tank?
Do you have any pictures of her & the tank setup?  Is she housed with Skit or do they each have their own tanks?
How long have you had the UVB light off now, 3 days before you placed a different once over them?  
I would leave just a basking light over Lola for another few days.  It takes up to 2 weeks sometimes for the eye to become less sensitive to light after an eye injury from these lights.  
They emit too low of UVB frequency & damage the eye area.
The turtle eye drops are very helpful.  You can also get some chamomile tea bags & moisten then up & warm them then place them on her eyes while she is getting ready for sleep.  You can hold her while you have them on her eyes.  The chamomile is very soothing for the eyes & has healing properties in it.
The dioralyte is great from what I have heard good things about it.  The Reptoboost is widely used as well.   They should all help out for recovery.  Is she eating anything on her own right now?  Hopefully you will be able to find it.  If she is not eating, you can get some bab food such as chicken or turkey to feed to her to help out if she isn't eating.
How often do you give calcium?

I am glad that they are starting to improve now!  :-)



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