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Reptiles/my 3 week old beardies right eyes is swollen shut


QUESTION: My bearded dragons right eye has recently swollen shut.. I have soaked him twice today and that seemed to work.. but after he dried up it swelled up again.. im using the bearded dragon kit purcashed through petsmart here in canada. I bought two and the other is fine.. there is no sand in the tank im using the turf.. his diet is crickets roman lettuce and horned caterpillars

Ive read a few other forums do you think it could be an un shed eye cap?

Please help

Thank you for your time

ANSWER: Hello Dan,

Do you have them housed separately or together?
Which UVB light are you using?  
What type of basking light are you using, a bright white light or colored light?

I don't think it is a retained eye cap as they don't shed their eyes like leopard geckos do.  They can retain shed around their eye & or eye lid.

Do you have any pictures I could see?


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

his bad eye
his bad eye  

both from other side of head
both from other side o  
QUESTION: 20-gallon terrarium with sliding screen top comfortably accommodates your bearded dragon
Includes a 12" terrarium hood, REPTISUN™ 5.0 Compact Fluorescent, DUAL MINI DEEP DOME™ lamp fixture, 100-watt basking spot lamp and 100-watt nocturnal infrared heat lamp to help provide the light and heat your pet needs to thrive
Kit contains a 10-lb. bag of Vita-sand in outback orange to furnish your pet's habitat in style
Strip thermometer helps you monitor internal temperatures
Food and ReptiCalcium samples and medium-size meal dishes help get your pet off to a healthy start in his or her new home
Includes Care Book: Guide to Bearded Dragons as a helpful resource while you're raising your new little friend

This is all that came in the kit
They are housed together and get along great.. I do believe one is female and the other male.. as ones head is much larger then the other.. the one with the larger head is the one experiencing the problem. I will attach photos also like I said before im not using the sand that came with the kit also I have a small heat rock in the tank

Hello Dan,

You will need to separate them though as most likely one will dominate over the other.  Also, the male will overbreed with her too.  Are they related?
That is good you are not using sand!
The Reptisun 5 compact/coil light will need to be changed out as it emits low wavelength frequency of UVB which is hazardous to them & will cause eye & health problems.
The better choice is the Reptisun 10 tube bulb or the Arcadia D3 12% tube bulb.  
Is he the one who is closest to the light more than the smaller one?  
You can get some sterile saline solution to help clean the eye out.  It just looks irritated.
For now, take the compact/coil light out & just use the basking light.  
The infrared light may disturb their sleeping.  If you need nighttime heating, it is usually best to use a ceramic heat emitter which gives off just heat but no light.
What are the temperatures in the tank & what type of thermometer do you use, the strip stick on type?  To get better accuracy with temperature readings, you will need either a digital probe or a temp gun.
Are they both eating well right now?

Let me know how his eye is doing & if you are able to find the lights.



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