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Hi Tracy,
i took my beardie to the vets yesterday, her walking has improved a lot since it first started going weird, he checked her all over (which draco didn't seem too impressed about XD) was very good with her, did a scan of her belly and found nothing of concern, he said she was healthy but that what i had described deffinately meant there was something to do with her brain, he said its not possible to be 100% without and MRI scan which would cost 1500 quid 0.o, but he said if it was a tumor or an abscess that she would not have improved over the last couple weeks, he said as she has improved and she's healthy (just a bit fat lol) he said he thinks she has had a mini stroke. He said she should be fine, she may not completely get her balance back but that she will learn to live with it and that it will not cut her life span at all, but otherwise she's a healthy lizard.

I was just shocked to hear that word to be honest, i wasn't expecting it at all and came out of the vets and started crying lol.
So anyway it seems to be just a case of hoping she gets her balance back, but as the vet said i'm probably more worried about it than draco is herself as he said if she doesn't get her full balance back she even learn to live with it and should be fine.


Hello Bethany,

Oh I hope she did not have a stroke, but, it is possible.  I have known a few people that have had a dragon who had a stroke.
She has improved some though?  How is her appetite now, is she eating pretty well?
Is she getting her balance back slowly I hope?
You can post more pictures if you get a chance.  
I do agree, a tumor would just get worse as well as an abscess too.  I hope she is on the mend.  
She has a great life so as long as it is not affecting Draco & she does improve her quality of life will be just fine.

Please do keep me posted on her.  You can also send pictures to me at:



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