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QUESTION: I hope this gets answered quickly. We have a bearded dragon where I work that has been suffering from an RI, and we had been giving her Baytril orally for two weeks and have run out. There has been barely any improvement at all, she has started loosing weight and isn't eating much anymore. I had a bottle of Tylan for personal use that I never used for my reptiles, and a nebulizer because I have asthma, and read that you can administer Tylan via nebulizer, but I cannot find how to dose her. I need to reweigh her, but she was 192 grams about 2 weeks ago, so I am guessing she is closer to 150-160 grams now. Please help, I am not about to give up on this girl, she nearly died in my hands twice since she has gotten sick but the only vet near us is about an hour away.

ANSWER: Hello Kendall,

Sure, I am sorry your girl has a respiratory infection.
When nebulizing, the dosing is not really a concern, per say.  The dose is 5mg/kg of bodyweight so go ahead & place 5mg of Tylan in with 1ml of sterile saline solution into the med cup.  Do for 10-15 minute daily intervals.  
Are you keeping her hydrated also?  What are her nighttime temperatures?  Keep her around 80 in the tank, overnight, to help boost her immune system.
What are her daytime basking temperatures?
If she is not eating & losing weight, I recommend getting some chicken or turkey babyfood, or some critical care to help with weight gain.

Let me know how she is doing.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you, I did it for about 10 minutes yesterday, I'll do it again today. I've been giving her a few drops of water with a syringe without a needle orally. We keep her in a small separate room, about the size of a closet with a heater, which keeps it about 80. Her basking spot stays at about 105 degrees. We use an infrared laser gun to check the temps. After the first treatment yesterday she was actually acting more alert and was being more active, I hope this will turn her around.

Hello Kendall,

That is great, how did things go for her?  Does she seem to mind the treatments?
Good, the oral water should help her out to stay hydrated during the medication regimes.
That is perfect, around 80 will be really good for her.  Is the humidity relatively low also?
I hope this helps!  Keep me posted on your precious girl.



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