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I own 2 western bearded dragons male Mo and female Diamond they are coming up 7 months old. I have raised them since 2 months together. They are very healthy, active and get along well. I have noticed in the last month courting behaviour. Diamond is typically larger thsn Mo but.has become quite rounded recently.
I would like your opinion as to why she has buried herself a few.inches under the sand which is the proper red desert sand from reptile shop and tunnelled about 15cm. She has not surfaced for 8 days nowi am concerned as I have.not seen her eat. She looks ok her skin is the same shade she turned around once then back around. Google info suggest normal but I would to know if she may have a clutch and for her well being. I do not want to dusturb her. Thete has been no environmental changes temp is regular as always. She has dug on the wsrmer side.of tank, she has bern digging the past few werks but not.completley.buried herself this long. Is my Diamond ok??

7 months is way too early to breed in my opinion and I am not even sure they can breed that early. Something seems off however, how are you heating the enclosure? I would also invite you to check out this manual I wrote which may assist you


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