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Reptiles/dehydrated and starving anole


After putting a new, supposedly female, in my 55 gal. terrarium/Anole village, she escaped suddenly when I lifted the lid right after acquiring her.  After about three weeks, I found her still alive but obviously in a lot of distress, yesterday.  First I put just one drop of water in her mouth when she opened it to bite me.  Then I let her rest.  She is very limp but alive.  Later, I picked her up and when she reflexively opened her mouth, I had a tiny Phoenix worm ready and let her bite down on that, which she did.  To day she's about the same... maybe her color is some better, but she is still extremely weak. I gave her another drop of water and another Phoenix worm.  I don't want to over do it, but would you follow this procedure?

Hi Susan,
I would keep her in a small tank for now.  Warm her slowly and continue with what you are doing sounds like a good plan.  You should call a vet to see if he/she would suggest adding a few drops of pedialyte to the water or possibly another electrolyte product. Do be sure to provide a good uvb source at a distance that is recommended for the type of source...generally the 5.0 tubes are 6-8 inches above the critter and the 10% are usually 10-12 inches.
Anoles stress very easily and to the extreme.


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