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My FBT has had some trouble the past few days with his left front limb. It started out becoming very swollen and he would not use it. Yesterday the skin split and I can see bone but the swelling is minimal.

The main tank is a 20 gallon long half water half land via tetrafauna viquarium. Which he shares with 4 other FBTs. Land side substrate is sphagnum and frog moss. Temps are 77-82 day/ 73-75 night.

His quarantine tank is a standard 10gal with frog moss for substrate and a water dish. Temps are the same as above at night and 3-5 degrees hotter during day.

When his arm was just really swollen I would soak him in his water dish with warm water with 3 drops of melafix. The water bowl is not very big. But now that his skin split down to bone I have been using zoo meds repti wound healing aid. One drop on his arm twice a day since yesterday, and still soak him twice a day 4 hours after using the zoo med drops. The bleeding has stopped. No other part of him seems to be wrong still brightly colored and very active and eyes seem fine. The only other thing is he hasnít eaten in 3 days but Iím not too worried about that yet.

What else can I do to help heal his arm up?! I am aware they may selfamputate am am prepared to give him the special ccare heíll need but I want to save his arm if I can.

Thanks for the help

Apologies for the delay. It sounds as if he may have injured it in the enclosure somehow. I would look about for spots where he might get his arms caught. As far as treatment is concerned if you have a herp vet I would take him in so as to get some further advisement. Honestly, in my view there is not much outside making comfortable than what you are already doing.  


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