Hi There, I have 2 bearded dragons one at over 1 year old and a baby at 2-3 months old

the one year old I have been told its a male by one person and a female by another person I've had him/her a year and not once have I seen it bob his/her head but I have seen the beardie wave both arms? do males wave?

also about the baby 2-3 months old has waved his/her arms do I have to females ?

Thankyou for your time

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Probably on the adult, to soon to tell on the baby-but I'd lean that way.  No way either is for sure a female.  With the adult you should be able to see twin buldges on the underside of the tail if it's a male.  Also, you might glimpse the hemipenes when he vacates (poops/pees).  You'll know for sure it's a female when it lays eggs!  Sorry-old reptile joke.  Find a local BREEDER not a shop, but an actual breeder and have them show you how to check.


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