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Our son has had a leopard gecko for three years, since it was a baby. It has done fine until the past 2 months when it has stopped eating, losing weight, and not removing all his skin when shedding(we have to finish it for him). He usually gets crickets with meal worms as a treat occasioanlly. He is losing a lot of weight and only eating spordically. His stool seems normal, not runny. There was a period last year when we changed out his typically florring with sand and changed it back when he didn't like it. Nothing else has changed. We live 45+ miles from any vet that might see him, is there anything we can buy to help him??? Thank you!

Hello Wes,

I am sorry about your son's gecko.  I have seen a lot of geckos have trouble with shedding.  
Are you giving him calcium several times a week & vitamins once a week or so?
What are the temperatures like in his tank?
Based on how it sounds, he could have worms or parasites.  Crickets are known to carry pinworms.  Where do you buy the crickets from?  
You could try deworming him, to see if that helps out.
Does he appear to have retained eye caps?  Are you providing a moist, humid hide/cave for him on the warm end to help with shedding?

Do you have any pictures of him?
If he is not eating & is losing weight, I would get some chicken or turkey baby food to feed to him with a plastic dropper or syringe.
I sell dewormer if you want to try deworming him, or you can try going by your local feed store to see if they carry Panacur.

Let me know how he is doing.



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